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VITASTIQ – Cable Version

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  • A device that measures 26 vitamins and minerals in your body
  • Identify deficiencies that could be the root cause of illness
  • Innovative technology that connects to your smart phone
  • Painless, Noninvasive, Natural, Hygienic
  • Comes with easy to use guide providing detailed instructions
  • Can be used by all the family

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About VitaStiq

Vitastiq was founded in Croatia and built on the philosophy that living a fit lifestyle is vital to longevity. The companies vision is to create innovative yet simple and affordable solutions that will help customers in their efforts to reach optimal mental and physical health. Vitastiq plans to raise awareness about  how important it is to take responsibility for our own good health by combining traditional knowledge with modern technology to produce convenient, user-friendly products that are easily incorporated into everyday life.
Vitastiq strives for active participation in the activities of the communities where it operates its business and works to minimise any negative impact it may have on the environment.

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The Vitastiq is a wonderful easy-to-use, pen-like device that is designed to measure the levels of up to 26 vitamins and minerals in the body using Electro-Acupuncture technology,  once it has taken its reading it follows up by giving personalised nutritional advice based on the results. As the world’s first personal vitamin and mineral tracker, it’s perfect for everyone interested in looking after their own health and well-being. Use of the device is painless and simple to use.
Designed to be used by more than one person it allows you to set up multiple profiles, so a whole family or group of friends can share it across their own devices. It’s Made from high-quality materials,  plugging into a smartphone or tablet and connects to the free Vitastiq app which is easily downloaded from your App store. There is no subscription to worry about and updates are free.

Electro-Acupuncture combines the recent advances in modern technology with traditional human knowledge that has been used for several decades by healthcare professionals across the world. The Vitastiq method has been independently tested** for accuracy against overnight fasting blood samples, giving statistically similar results*.

Love Your Health Australia provides this information as submitted by Vitastiq, and does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy or functionality of this product. This is not a medical device and does not require TGA approval. It cannot prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any medical conditions. It can only help you to track and monitor your lifestyle and fitness activities. If any of your levels are low or high, Love Your Health encourages you visit your healthcare professional. Even if your readings are all in the normal range, we do not recommend avoiding regular medical check ups.

*Statement by Vitastiq Manufacturer
**Please contact us for details of the Clinical Research Paper


1 review for VITASTIQ – Cable Version

  1. John

    I wanted to avoid getting a flu jab this year as they always make me sick. Instead I wanted to focus on making sure my immune system was working at full pace, but to do that I need to ensure my body has the right vitamins – and that is the tricky part – Im a healthy eater and active person. How could I possibly know what is needed or when – for example I run 3 days a week, does that mean that I need to boost my intake on those days or the day after as my body is in recovery mode – you see the problem. I had been looking for something like ‘Vitastiq’ but didn’t know anything existed until I read about it in GQ magazine. I utterly love this little tool and my wife and I share it. The only advice I will give is that you need to show a bit of skill on how you use it, so take the time to work that out otherwise expect GIGO.

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