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Tsuno Natural Bamboo Panty Liners – Ultra Thin Box of 20


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About Tsuno

Roslyn ‘Roz’ Campbell says the Tsuno story started after learning about the toxic chemicals used in manufacturing processes of conventional pads and tampons. The timing also coincided with reading about the charity 'One Girl' and their experience funding scholarships for girls in developing countries. The girls would eagerly begin classes, only to miss a week every month because they had no way to deal with their periods other than ineffective methods like rags, leaves and old newspapers. 'One Girl' began providing menstrual support along with the scholarships, and Roz began thinking of ways to help. Crowdfunding $40,000, she ordered a shipping container of ecofriendly bamboo fibre sanitary pads and began selling them under the Tsuno label, donating half her profits to One Girl and similar charities.

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  • 20 ultra-thin liners to use alone on light days or as extra protection on heavy days
  • Sustainable, biodegradable bamboo & corn fibre pads in recyclable packaging
  • Tsuno supports One Girl and other charities helping to empower girls & women

Tsuno’s ultra-thin panty liners are soft and super-comfortable, and their super-absorbent bamboo fibre makes them all you need for light days. (They’re also great peace of mind for heavier days.) Bamboo fibres have natural antimicrobial properties and a hollow structure that gives them a superb wicking ability to keep you drier, and they’re also very Earth-friendly to produce: Bamboo uses little water, doesn’t require pesticides, and doesn’t contribute to soil erosion. Tsuno’s liners are made without chlorine or dioxin bleach and come in recyclable/biodegradable packaging, and Tsuno donate 50% of their profits to charities like One Girl that help vulnerable women and girls with access to education and menstrual support.

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