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Teelixir Coconut Charcoal Powder (80g)


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  • Gluten-free
  • Fine steam-activated coconut shell charcoal
  • Detoxifies, improves digestion, relieves gas & bloating
  • Whitens teeth and supports oral health
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About Teelixir

Sometimes it seems like new “superfoods” are being discovered every day – but are they really all that super? Teelixir believes that the best place to find genuinely healing nutrition is in the time-tested traditions of Daoism and Ayurveda. Over thousands of years, these philosophies have identified and used a variety of herbs and mushrooms to promote health, vital energy, longevity, libido and general wellbeing. The only drawback was that it took hours to boil these ingredients into a medicinal tea! Teelixir’s mission is to make these ancient tonics more accessible by offering them as concentrated powders that may be easily mixed into food and beverages of all kinds.

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Considered a Jing food in Taoism, activated charcoal is used for detoxification in Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese, and mainstream Western medicine alike. It has a highly porous, negatively charged surface that attracts and binds (adsorbs) positively charged toxins such as heavy metals and poisonous gasses. These toxins are then safely eliminated from the body along with the charcoal itself, resulting in higher energy levels and better gut health. Activated charcoal can also be used to resolve gas and bloating, and brushing with it will whiten teeth and enhance dental health by balancing oral pH levels and adsorbing cavity-causing plaque. Teelixir’s Coconut Charcoal is processed using sub-325 mesh to maximise its efficacy and will not alter the taste when mixed with water or food.

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Weight 80 g



Activated Charcoal Powder


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