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Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder (200g)

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About Synergy

Synergy Natural Products is a Sydney, Australia based manufacturer of Spirulina in tablets, capsules and powder in a wide range of sizes. The raw material is sourced from the world’s first and largest spirulina producer whose extensive research and development ensure the highest standards of quality. Synergy Natural Organic Spirulina range is certified to Australian and International standards (IFOAM), so you can be sure you are getting the most potent spirulina available.

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Synergy Wheat Grass provides a large range of bioavailable nutrients, that are more effectively absorbable than those found in synthetic formulations. An affordable and convenient way of contributing to your 5 + daily servings of vegetables, makes it an ideal inclusion in a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. Synergy Wheat Grass is high in iron, fibre and protein, plus numerous antioxidants, and a rich source of chlorophyll. This wonderfully alkalising food can help deal with over-acidity in the body.

Cultivated outside in an environmentally pure part of Australia, Synergy Wheat Grass is harvested at the nutritional peak and dried within 30 minutes to lock in the greatest nutrients. The grass is powdered using compressed air to prevent damage by excessive heat produced by regular grinding methods, and preserve the integrity of all its naturally occurring properties. Unlike wheat grain, Wheat Grass contains no gluten.

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100% pure, certified organic whole leaf Wheat Grass powder (Triticum aestivum). No additives, fillers, colours or preservatives.

1 review for Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder (200g)

  1. 7_Coloured_Roses

    I’ve been using Synergy Organic Wheat Grass Powder (200g) for many months now & I’ve been very impressed, I definitely notice I haven’t had any if I miss a few days, that’s for sure!! I personally don’t mind the taste, I got used to it very quickly (within days) & I don’t find the taste too potent to not be able to drink straight, but my Husband is really sensitive to “Organic Supplement flavours” so for him I bought some empty capsules & I put the powder into capsules for him, it’s easy to do so there’s really no excuse to not benefit from it or other supplements unless you just don’t want to for whatever reason….

    I actually mix a strong dose worth of this Wheat Grass, mixed with water into a shot glass every day (sometimes twice a day) & I’ll have that shot glass worth over two sips, which I swish around in my mouth & allow to sit for at least 5mims or so before swallowing it & then washing it down with some other healthy drink… The reason I make it strong in a shot glass like that & keep it in my mouth a while is because Wheat Grass actually holds a SECRET that many don’t know about…. Wheat Grass can actually remineralise your teeth, reverse mild to moderate tooth decay (turn black decay white again & reverse it, NO JOKE) & remineralise mild to moderate cavities as well as of course preventing future decay & cavities ect… Wheat Grass is extremely rich in Chlorophyll & that’s been known for it’s dental qualities among many others for longer than you could imagine, but there’s just also something about Wheat Grass in general that’s quite magical, it can do what we’re told is “impossible” as far as dentistry goes, but to get those amazing “impossible” dental benefits, you need to have a high concentrated dose/doses each day (2-3 daily is recommended for those extreme dental results over a few months), hence why mixing into a shot glass is a perfect mixture & swish it around & hold it in your mouth for 5mins or so before swallowing, you can spit out the mixture if you prefer & make yourself a fresh one just for swallowing for all the other body benefits, but Wheat Grass has potent anti bacterial properties which is how it can prevent tooth decay & bad breath ect so it’ll really do you no harm to swallow the “rinse mixture”, it’s already killed any germs & bacteria ect long before you’ve swallowed it 😊😊 …it’s highly recommend that you brush your teeth right before, at least for your first shot, of the day so the Wheat Grass can properly smother itself over all the little cracks & crevices on, in & between your teeth without trapped food ect getting in the way… Wheat Grass in my experience also whitened my teeth very quickly too, much better than any of the so-called “whitening toothpastes” on the market, which are just full of toxic, chemical 💩💩 anyway, Wheat Grass does that for you naturally as well as giving your teeth & the rest of your body countless other amazing benefits, too many to list!!….

    Anyway, there’s actually some video blogs of people using Wheat Grass for this exact purpose on YouTube, some of these people actually had severe dental conditions beyond just “cavities or decay”, one woman had a condition she suffered with for over 10yrs where her teeth were always so loose she was scared eating would make them fall out!! It obviously was a very painful condition to live with too… She saw many dentists who recommended this & that, prescribed this & that but her condition only got worse, she researched natural remedies for it herself when she discovered Coconut Oil Pulling (or whatever it’s called😅), she tried that for months straight, the Coconut Oil whitened her Teeth & made them always silky smooth & prevented plaque ect, but didn’t help her condition… During a painful Dental emergency one day she had to see a different Dentist as hers was away & she explained how she’d been using Coconut Oil for months in a desperate attempt to help her condition, it was actually that Dentist himself that told her about Wheat Grass’s little secret & said many (but not all) Dentists know about that secret because they understand how high doses of Chlorophyll works on the teeth, but no Dentists will tell patients even if they do know because otherwise Dentistry would not stay the billion dollar industry it is…. She started her YouTube Video Blog on using nothing but Wheat Grass shots 2-3 times a day to try to cure her condition using that Dentists instructions & the results are amazing!! You can easily see for yourself as she kept a Video Blog while she used the Coconut Oil as well, she shows inside her mouth & how wiggly her teeth were/are in numerous videos, those results just can’t be faked!!! There’s many other Vlogs just like hers on YouTube about Wheat Grass, there’s also many related to Wheat Grass being used with Cancer Patients too, even by some Doctors in Hospitals as part of their medicine trolleys!! Check it out for yourself!! …

    I absolutely LOVE Wheat Grass, I couldn’t live without it now, I really couldn’t & I’ve tried a few different brands now, but Synergy brand is excellent!! I’ve got a little collection of Synergy products including their Powdered Spirulina, they’re a amazing & consistent brand & a brand that I know from experience I can always trust!! They’re also well priced too so it doesn’t get much better!! 😃😃

    Healthy Life Hack:
    To make yourself an amazing, cheap & HEALTHY homemade tooth whitening toothpaste…. Coconut Oil & Powdered Tumeric, even the cheap Tumeric in grocery stores works although I don’t know how many other health benefits one from a herbs & spices section in a grocery store would have… Just mix a very small amount of powdered Tumeric with a decent amount of Coconut Oil & mix extremely well, the exact measurements I couldn’t tell you cause I just winged it & didn’t expect it to work as great as it did 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 but the Colour should be a light orange Colour, not bright, bright Orange like Tumeric on it’s own is, if your Coconut Oil has solidified, you can add the Coconut Oil you’ll be using for your toothpaste into the jar or glass you’ll want to keep the toothpaste stored in & sit the bottom of the jar with the Coconut Oil in it into a bowl of hot water until it melts enough for you to be able to stir the mixture properly…. Then just use like you would any other toothpaste & it keeps for a long time too, you can keep it in or out of the fridge, it doesn’t matter & YES, I was shocked the Tumeric was used too & NO, it doesn’t make your teeth orange at all, it somehow reacts with the Coconut Oil to whiten your teeth much better & faster than the Coconut Oil alone, I honestly saw a difference after just ONE brush!!! Only use a very small amount of the Tumeric though, you only need a dash of it, but the results are amazing & instant & those results only get better the more you use it!! …Just try to avoid getting it around your mouth or chin as it can leave a yellow tinge on your actual skin, it doesn’t foam so it’s not too difficult to control, if you get some on your skin just wash it immediately & rub the area firmly with a face washer or towel, it’s nowhere near as bad as fresh Tumeric on it’s own on your skin so don’t be scared of it, it’s well worth the results… Just always remember a little Tumeric goes a long way when making this homemade toothpaste!! I hope all this info is helpful to someone!! ☺️☺️

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100% pure, certified organic whole leaf Wheat Grass powder (Triticum aestivum). No additives, fillers, colours or preservatives.