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Symington’s Dandelion Tea Symington’s Dandelion Herbal Tea (25sachets) (100gm)


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A refreshing substitute for caffeine containing drinks.

Symington’s Dandelion Herbal Tea is prepared by a unique process from specially cultivated dandelion root, dried and roasted in the conventional way and extracted without chemicals so retaining its natural value. It is especially suitable for delicate digestions and being caffeine free makes a perfect nightcap.

Symington's Dandelion is a perfect drink before bed or during the day when you crave that cup of tea or coffee as it takes no longer to prepare than a normal cup of instant coffee. Suitable for vegetarians.

Directions: Add one teaspoon to a cup of hot water and stir. Add milk to taste.

Note: Due to its pleasant non bitter taste most people do not require sweeteners.

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