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Hemp Foods Australia – Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 1kg

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  • Hemp is considered one of the most nutritious plants in the world
  • Contains all 20 amino acids, including 9 essential ones that the body cannot produce
  • Naturally suppresses your appetite
  • Have a delicious mild nutty flavour
  • Perfect to add to many dishes can be sprinkled on breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Can be used to make skin products such as Hemp Milk Soap
  • The only known plant source that contains Vitamin D
  • Gluten free and suitable for a Vegan diet
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About Hemp Foods Australia

Hemp Foods Australia is the largest Hemp Food Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturer and Exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. Hemp Foods Australia was Founded by Paul Benhaim in 1999. Having dedicated his life to educating people as to the benefits of using Hemp, Paul became well known in the industry after starting the UK Hemp Industry in 1993, creating Europe’s best selling Health Snack (9Bar) in the process. Located in the stunning Bangalow on Australia’s east coast Hemp Foods Australia’s 11,000 sq ft facility is 100% Australian Certified Organic. The company employs purely mechanical, low-temperature processes for everything it does resulting in the most nutritious products possible. Fully Australian owned and operated their management have over 3 decades of combined expertise in Hemp Foods.  Since their inception in 1999, Hemp Foods Australia has been researching and developing the potential for an Australian hemp foods market with an expectation that legislation will change on April 28th 2017 finally seeing Australia catch up with the rest of the World and allowing Hemp products to be consumed as a food.

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A 1kg resealable bag of 100% Australia Certified Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds. (Also available in 250g bags)

Hemp is considered to be one of the worlds most nutritious plants, containing all 20 amino acids including those that the body cannot produce naturally on its own. Packed full of protein the seeds naturally suppress your appetite and offer a wonderfully nutty flavour. The seeds are a perfect addition to any meal particuarly if you are keen to give it a boost of essential nutrients.

Hemp is perfect for those on a Vegan, Vegetarian or Gluten Free diet and can also be used as a great way to increase you protein intake should your body require it.

The seeds can be made into many nourishing products for your skin. The fats found in the seeds are akin to those found in human sebum so creates very effective moisturisers and barrier creams. It is very protective, and helps to improve elasticity and deep down hydration.

Due to its high Omega-3 content it is very soothing to sensitive, rash prone or itchy skin.

As Hemp is still a relatively new category in the Super food market we have extended our guide below.

What Are Hemp Seeds?

Hemp is considered one of the most nutritious plants in the world and the seeds contain all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones that our bodies cannot produce on its own. Hemp seeds are also a rich source of essential minerals, including magnesium and phosphorus for bone health, zinc to help support the immune system, and iron for oxygenating the blood.


Whole seeds contain 10 to 15 percent fibre, which aids in constipation and promotes digestive regularity. The Omega-6 fatty acids in hemp seeds regulate metabolism, help brain function, maintain bone health, and stimulate skin and hair growth. As a natural appetite suppressant, adding hemp seed to your meals can reduce your food cravings and help you feel full longer.


Hemp seeds have a mild, nutty flavor and are ready to use raw or in low heat cooking. The seeds can be sprinkled on hot cereal, yogurt or salads, added to shakes & smoothies, or added to breads, pancakes, granola bars and other baked desserts. Because they are packed with protein, hemp seeds are ideal for people following a Paleo diet or trying to reduce their carb intake.


Hemp Seeds have been consumed as a staple food all over the world for thousands of years. They are an important dietary component because they contain an abundance of ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS that are:

  • BALANCED – on their own they provide much of what your body needs without over-supplying some nutrients while causing a deficiency in others.
  • DIGESTIBLE – they don’t require cooking, soaking or crushing, your body can easily take what it needs and eliminate what it doesn’t. So your body isn’t wasting energy or suffering stress the way it does when trying to extract nutrients from animal or processed foods.
  • SAFE – unlike many foods we consume daily, Hemp seeds do not burden your body with toxins, allergens, GMO’s or undigested waste materials.
  • SUSTAINABLE – you don’t have to kill anything, poison the planet, exploit the ocean or risk anyone’s safety to obtain Hemp Seeds; they grow just about anywhere without needing fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides and require less water than wheat, rice or soy.

Nutrition Breakdown

  • Hemp seeds contain the highest amount of PUFAs (Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids) like Omega 3 and 6 – level with Walnuts for the #1 position at around 47g of PUFAs in every 100g of seeds.
  • The highest quality and quantity of Protein. Hemp protein is gluten-free with a complete Amino Acid profile and Hemp is the only plant to make protein from Edestin making it more digestible than other forms of protein like Soy. And unlike Soy doesn’t cause allergies or contain estrogen compounds. Every 100g of Hemp Seeds contain approximately 33g of this high quality protein.
  • GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid) – one of only five known sources (Borage seed, Evening Primrose seed, Black Currant seed, Carrot seed, Wheatgerm) of this ‘wonder’ oil believed to be important for preventing inflammation.
  • 15 times as much fat-fighting CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) as fish oil.
  • Practically no Carbohydrates with less than half a gram of sugar per 20g serving.
  • Gut-cleansing Fibre.
  • Cholesterol-fighting Phytosterols – 1480mg per 20g serving.
  • Minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.
  • Vitamin E plus other Antioxidants.
  • B Vitamins including Folate.
  • Vitamin D3 – the only known plant food source of this bone-building “sunshine” vitamin.



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Weight 1000 g



100% Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds

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100% Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds