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GLOBAL ORGANICS Chick Peas Canned No Salt 400gm


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  • Deliciously packed with nutrients
  • These legumes are perfect for stews, dips, salads or spiced and roasted as a snack
  • Made from organic ingredients

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About Global Organics

Global Organics sources premium ingredients from around the world providing a range of organic food products high in quality and pure in flavour. Whether it be Italian grown canned tomatoes, French mustard or Canadian maple syrup, all Global Organics products are independently certified organic. Global Organics also offer an extensive range of canned pulses, lentils, chick peas and baked beans.

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No added salt with these deliciously nutty, versatile and nutritionally packed legumes. They are perfect in stews, dips, salads, or spiced and roasted as a snack.

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Weight 400 g



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