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Excalibur 4926T – 9 Tray Food Dehydrator with Timer in White

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  • Perfect for dehydrating fruits, veggies, meats, yoghurt and more
  • On board 26 hour timer so you can set and forget
  • Thermostatic control from 41ºC to 74ºC (105ºF - 165ºF) for safe drying
  • BPA Free
  • Large tray space for heaps of food
  • Removable trays
  • Horizontal-airflow drying system for guaranteed results
  • Made in the USA
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About Excalibur Dehydrators

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Made in the USA the Excalibur Dehydrator range is considered as one of the top electrical appliance brands in the dehydrating world. With no trouble the Excalibur is able to dehydrate fruit, vegetables, meats, flowers, nuts, yoghurts, herbs and many other items you place inside. Excalibur dehydrators are made with a design that comes from years of dehydrating experience. Engineered for the Australian power supply when your item arrives it is pretty much ready to start your dehydrating requirements.

Excalibur Dehydrators were first manufactured back in 1973 in Sacramento, California and have since created such brand awareness due to the unrivalled quality, that they are now seen as market leaders in the Food Dehydrator category.

The unit you are currently viewing has 9 removable trays offering lots of drying space, it also comes with a easy to use 26 hour timer that allows you to set and forget your dehydrator perhaps following one of the many drying guides available today.

This model the 4926T is one of the original designs from Excalibur and still one of their best sellers today. It is perfect for those that require a high performance from their dehydrator and the ability to dehydrate practically everything.

As with all Excalibur food dehydrators the 4926T uses a trademarked horizontal-airflow drying system, this is designed to dry your food evenly across all trays, not leaving any of the areas with cold patches. It is positioned at the back of the unit and sends the warm air towards the front. This design combats any need to rotate trays meaning you will receive fabulous results each and every time.

All Excalibur Dehydrators are 100% BPA-Free.

Reasons Food Dehydrators are great to use…

Have you seen the cost of dehydrated foods these days? If you regularly consume dehydrated food then you are likely to start saving from your first batch. Eat enough and the savings you make from not purchasing ready to go snacks will likely mean the machine pays for itself after a period of time.

Often we don’t consider what it is we are placing in our bodies before we consume our foods. When using a food dehydrator you are in control meaning you can decide exactly what it is your body absorbs and dehydrating retains all the wonderful flavours and due to the fact your food is not blasted with high heat in a short space of time it retains its nutritional profile to.

Adding dehydrated food to your diet is a great way to get children to eat some of those foods full of nutrition and energy but that come with a texture our kids simply won’t touch.

Thanks to its size you are able to dehydrate bulk loads at a time. This model will dehydrate 15-16kg every time. Dehydrated food is missing its moisture inside so its slows the natural decaying process meaning you can create heaps of food for the family that will last weeks or even longer.

They are Economical costing roughly just 6c to 7c electricity per hour.

They do not omit any harmful fumes

What are the Benefits of using a food dehydrator?

Firstly it can bring down the cost of your grocery bill whilst increasing the amount of food you have stored.

If you are growing your own fruits and Veggies then you can kiss goodbye to wastage. You will now have no excuse.

If you like to eat Beef Jerky, now you can make your own and be the popular one in the workplace who hands out your own creations.

You can send your children to school with a vast array of natural nutritional flavours that will have them happily wondering what it is for lunch each day. This sure beats Chips and other processed foods.

Worried about model numbers? 

The 4926T is simply the Au version of the US model 3926T. The only differences are the plug with the 4926T coming with an Au plug and a voltage rating of 220/240v where the 3926T is suitable for American homes only.

The T stands for timer. You will see there is a 4926 model which is identical but without a timer.

Remain confident in your purchase

Should you ever experience difficulty with your Excalibur dehydrator during the first 2 full years, the Australian Distributor (located in QLD) will repair or replace the defective part/s at the manufacturer’s option free of charge. After that time they may charge at their discretion.


5 Great Reasons to buy your Food Dehydrator from Love Your Health Australia


You get Free Delivery on this Food Dehydrator 

We deliver Australia Wide whether it be direct to your front door, to an office, PO Box, Parcel Locker or even your local post office.

Australian Customer Service

We are based near Byron Bay and are available either by phone or by Live chat 7 days a week to help you at any time.

Years of experience with Cold pressed Juicers  

Love Your Health’s founders have been working globally with Healthy appliance brands such as Excalibur, Omega, Hurom, Vitamix, Oscar and various others for nearly 10 years. If you are wondering which Food Dehydrator is best for you feel free to give us a call and ask us anything on 0280034113

We price match 

If it is cheaper elsewhere within Australia let us know, we will match it. 

Australian Service Centre  

It’s not often you need it but rest assured the team in Qld are quick to solve any issues you may have with your machine.   

Additional information

Warranty & Specs

Warranty: 2 Years

9 Polycarbonare Trays with Polyscreen inserts.
4.6 sq m(15 sq ft) of tray space! That's a lot of food!
Adjustable Thermostat – 29.5 deg C to 62.8 deg C (85 deg F – 145 deg F)
Cabinet Dimensions: 31.8cm H x 43.2cm W x 48.3cm D (12.5" H x 17.0" W x 19.0" D)
Built-In ON / OFF Switch
Heavy Duty 17.8cm Fan (7.0")
Draws 600 Watts
Components and Parts made in the USA.
Distributor is Australian Based and responsible for any warranty issues.

1 review for Excalibur 4926T – 9 Tray Food Dehydrator with Timer in White

  1. Loretta B. (verified owner)

    Totally Addicted ! Why buy all that sulphite covered fruit when you can make your own natural dried fruit at home with the Excalibur ? So simple to use , economical on the power , easy to clean and quiet. Havn’t even started making all the other things it is capable of . Much fun going to the farmers market and being able to buy all of those boxes of very cheap fruit and know that i will be able to use it all and give little pressies to freinds and family . Thankyou Michelle & Aidan for supplying such a wonderful product.

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