Our Charities

We are proud to offer brands that Support Australia’s Communities

The support of Australian based Charitable organisations was high up on our list of initial goals as we developed our company’s business plan.

Thankfully we are working with some wonderful brands who share our vision of giving back to the communities who tirelessly support us and those around us whilst we go about our daily lives.

Below is some information on the Charities we support either directly or indirectly by promoting various brands on our website.

Save the Bees Australia – Bee the Cure

Without our Worlds Bee population, we would be living in a very different environment; agriculture as we know it would collapse, it would be a World without apples, pears, mangoes, strawberries and many of our other favourite foods, plus many of planet earth’s animals would face certain extinction.

Put simply it would be a global disaster.

Founder of Save the Bees Australia – Bee the Cure, Simon Mulvany has made it his mission to educate people about the plight of our precious pollinators both those indigenous to Australia and those that have been introduced.

Simon himself and enthusiastic Bee keeper who spends his time safely rescuing bee colonies that have swarmed and relocated to places deemed unsuitable, he carefully rehouses them so that they can continue pollinating all the healthy foods that both we and Australia’s wildlife love to eat.

As lovers of locally produced Honey and of course being passionate about what it is that we place in our bodies, we at Love Your Health feel indebted to our nation’s ever hard working Bee population. We are proud to support Save the Bees Australia with a percentage of each sale being donated to the enterprise to help them keep up their excellent work.

Along with promoting the issues our Bee population face today through his website Simon also highlights Australia’s local Honey producers via his awesome Honey Map promoting your local Bee Keeper.

For more information on this wonderful organisation you can visit them here www.beethecure.com.au

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