26th October 2020

Christmas Gift Guide

By Armela Patalud - General Wellbeing


Christmas is just around the corner so we thought we’d suggest a few gift ideas to give someone the gift of health! It’s best to get in early this year, as the turbulence of 2020 means shipping may be slower than usual.  

For the green thumb:

Sow n Sow has a wide variety of seeds from flowers, to herbs and green veggies.  These seedlings come in cute illustrated boxes that are ready for gifting.  

To complete the gift, throw in a Pop Up Pot – these are foldable pots that assemble with a quick pop and a push and are a perfect match to your seed of choice.

For the person on the go:

For those who need lunch or snacks on the go, gift them an eco-friendly food wrapper from Wrappa.  These food wraps are a fun, plastic-free way to keep fruits, vegetables, salads, sandwiches, and bread fresh.  Easy to use and clean, they make storing and wrapping food easy and fun.

For the new Mum:

Get Mum and bub a pair of matching amber bracelets and necklaces from Nature’s Child, which express a love for the Earth.  Some parents claim energetic benefits including a calmer baby when wearing these.   

For someone looking to kickstart their health journey:

There’s no better appliance to gift for someone wanting a healthier diet, than the best selling Omega Juicer.  The Omega Juice Cube doesn’t take up valuable bench space and will kick-start the habit of preparing fresh and healthy juices.

We’ll continue our gift guide next week with specific gifts ideas for men, women, and kids.


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