Here at Love Your Health one of our core values is to offer products that will enhance your overall health and well-being. We work hard with our brands to ensure that we are only offering you natural and organic products. We carefully select products that we have tried ourselves ensuring they meet our high standards before we offer them via our beloved website. It’s this process that gives us the confidence to offer our 30 day happiness guarantee you will find quoted throughout the site. We take great pride in offering truly natural and certified organic products from brands we consider the world’s best.

  • 123 Nourish Me

    The Nourishing brand that takes kids health seriously and believes that kids deserve to be nourished and built into the healthiest versions they can be. Trusted products tested on real kids with no dodgy, hidden ingredients. There is no compromise…

  • 2Die4 Live Foods

    The Original Activated Nut brand in Australia offers organic nut products,  including newly introduced medicinal mushrooms to some of your favorite nuts.

  • 4Myearth

    From waste free snacks & lunches, to produce & shopping bags; reduce your landfill contribution with these Cotton Made, Vegan Friendly storage bags.

  • 808 Dude

    Chemical free Grooming products which offer a natural solution to stinky teens.

  • A.Vogel

    Fresh, organically grown herbs form the foundation for the effective, scientifically proven herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and revitalizing food products brought to you by A.Vogel.

  • Abode Healthy Home Products

    Abode Natural Cleaning Products are proud to be Australian owned and made and have become Australia’s preferred natural cleaning brand: They use NO nasty chemicals – This includes phthalates, petrochemicals, harsh detergents, artificial fragrance and many other toxic ingredients found…

  • Absolute Fruitz

    Absolute Fruitz provides innovative, healthy, vegan fruits snacks to help boost your daily 5 intake whilst snacking on the go! 

  • Acure Organics

    The perfect combination of super nutrients for powerful products that take skin & hair from blah to brilliant. Paraben free, Sulfate free, Mineral Oil free, Formaldehyde free, Cruelty free.

  • AKN Organics

    Providing the highest quality of Organic and Gluten Free Cassava Flour. All AKN products are naturally grown, harvested and processed using the best techniques. AKN Organics are endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

  • Alaffia

    Alaffia provide health and beauty products with a soul. Certified organic and fair trade products containing “raw” unscented shea butter, often handcrafted at the Alaffia Village cooperative in Togo, West Africa. The company that gives back!

  • Alba Botanica

    A vibrant line of body-loving products that nourish the skin, hair, and of course, the soul. 100% vegetarian products that overflow with botanical ingredients.

  • Alchemy

    Incredible cordials and syrups that are ‘Transforming Refreshment’. Changing how you feel, and the way refreshments are made, delivered and enjoyed!

  • Alka Power

    Alka Power is Australia’s finest alkaline water provider for faster and longer-lasting hydration with acceptable pH balance.

  • Alkaviva Australia

    The cleanest and healthiest water for everybody, offered in the most environmentally sustainable way possible with the highest levels of performance, service and integrity.

  • Alkira Skincare

    These Cruelty Free, Vegan skincare products offer the best in Australian Natural Skincare. Crafted using locally sourced extracts and botanicals picked for their unique skin loving profiles. 

  • AllerMates

    Keep your child with food allergies, asthma, diabetes and more safe with AllerMates medical products. Amazing Allergy bracelets and medicine cases for children.

  • Alo

    Farm to bottle deliciousness: great flavors from real organic fruit and vegetable juices and farm fresh Aloe. Alo’s process assures goodness from the inside out.

  • Aloe Dent

    Powered by natural ingredients such as aloe vera, tea tree oil and silica; Aloe Dent is a one of a kind oral care brand that provides soothing, natural oral hygiene without the use of fluoride.

  • Aloe Pura

    Pure, bio-active, organic Aloe Vera products that are naturally soothing and especially kind to sensitive skin: As Nature Intended.

  • Aloe Vera Of Australia

    The Real Deal Aloe Vera: the original Aloe Vera since 1977, Aloe Vera Australia simplifies health supplementation by returning to nature’s pure solution by offering the highest grade organic and medicinal Aloe Vera products from their own Certified Organic Australian…

  • Alps Water Filtration

    Alps Water Filters makes clean water easy. Dedicated to bringing you the best in both water quality and water drinking experience, by removing heavy metals and bacteria; Nothing tastes better!

  • Alter Eco

    Sustainably sourced, organic, Swiss-made Chocolate Bars that have been carefully crafted so you can savor your favorite flavors ethically whilst protecting the Rain forests. All of their chocolate bars (except the Deep Dark Salt & Malt), truffles, and clusters are…

  • Amala

    Creators of the world’s most environmentally friendly and pure sponge cloths: Made with love; Loved by Nature.

  • Amazing Oils

    Natural Health Solutions that actually work! Amazing Oils have helped hundreds of thousands of people suffering worldwide to achieve a healthier and happier body with their natural, topical magnesium products, and they can help you too!

  • Amazonia

    A pioneer in the plant-based food movement, Amazonia’s innovation and ability to develop unique certified organic products using high quality ingredients has allowed hundreds of thousands of people around the world to Shine Bright from the inside out.

  • Amber Love

    Amber love produces one of a kind, lovingly made, 100% pure Baltic Amber jewellery to soothe red inflamed cheeks and gums often associated with teething.

  • Ambrosia

    Ambrosia are a growing 100% Australian owned company with experience in producing top class organic honey. Ambrosia have always been determined to keep their honey just the way nature intended. Free from additives, never blended with other honeys and absolutely…

  • Ancient Minerals

    Ancient Minerals magnesium products provide a revolutionary approach to Magnesium Supplementation – Stop magnesium deficiency in its tracks using the body’s largest organ – the skin!

  • Anna'S

    Offering Vegan, long-term deodorant protection based on the power of nature. The conscious choice for you and our planet!

  • Antisnor

    Combine modern medical technology and ancient knowledge, based around the body’s nervous system and reflexology to get a better night’s sleep with Anti Snore’s acupressure ring.

  • Apiwraps

    Australia’s original beeswax wraps keep your food fresh for longer and eliminate cling wrap. Crafted in Australia from local NSW beeswax and GOTS Certified Organic cotton along with natural pine resin and organic coconut oil.

  • Apricare

    Apricare – Australia’s first online suppliers of sustainably sourced, totally natural and unadulterated apricot kernels.

  • Aqua Carpatica

    Experience water love with Aqua Carpatica’s responsibly sourced waters from deep in the Carpathian Mountains; high in calcium, magnesium and sodium.

  • Aromae Essential Oils

    Great quality, ethically sourced , 100% pure botanical products made accessible for all!  Responsibly sourced so that nature can take care of us.

  • Aromaganic

    Aromaganic is a 100% Australian owned professional hair colour and hair care brand. Passionate about Australian Quality, about Certified Organic Ingredients and about driving change by offering a better option.

  • Aromamatic

    Aromaganic is a 100% Australian owned professional hair colour and hair care brand. Passionate about Australian Quality, about Certified Organic Ingredients and about driving change by offering a better option.

  • Atkins

    Looking for healthier options that don’t weigh you down with carbs? Try Atkins reduced carb products to support a healthier, low carb lifestyle and start enjoying life the low carb way.

  • Aurelio

    Aurelio’s premium selection of sauces and condiments will delight your taste buds and enhance your dishes. With all the benefits of the Riverina Grove range – natural, fresh, vegan and kosher – Aurelio packs an additional flavour punch thanks to…

  • Auricle Ear Seeds - By Elle Halliwell

    Auricle Ear Seeds is founded on the philosophy that a centred mind, gentle touch and holistic self-care are the keystones of optimal health and happiness. Born among the sun and waves of Australia’s wellness mecca, Bondi Beach, Auricle has invoked…

  • Auromere

    Pure, authentic, and effective Ayurvedic body care products, incense, and more! Auromere is a non-profit owned company, operated by and for love.

  • Aust. Native Botanicals

    Natural, salon-quality luxurious hair & body care products made with the finest quality native Australian botanicals, plant proteins & pure essential oils.

  • Australia'S Manuka

    100% pure Medicinal Honey Products from the pristine North Coast of NSW, Australia. Family Owned and Operated since 1966, cold pressed and ethically managed for natural medical healing.

  • Avalon Organics

    Guided by the infinite wisdom of nature and the knowledge that all beauty begins with the Earth, the Avalon Organics brand harnesses the pure benefits in botanicals to create products that contribute to a holistic lifestyle of health, wellness and…

  • Aztec Secret

    The Worlds Most Powerful Facial – Indian Clay is bentonite clay from Death Valley, California, where it is sun- dried for up to six months in temperatures that sometimes reach 134 degrees.

  • Bakers Magic

    Like Magic! An excellent, substitute gluten free flour ideal for Coeliacs and those with gluten intolerances, so versatile you can use it in anything from breads to sweet treats!

  • Balance

    Discover nutrition bars made with a deliciously perfect ratio of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat. It’s what you need to feel good today and tomorrow!

  • Bambooee

    Re-useable, sustainable, organic bamboo products.  No need to use regular paper towels any more. One roll of Bambooee replaces up to five and a half years worth of paper towels used.

  • Bambure

    Bambure – Passionate about caring for your health and wellbeing – providing quality products that use sustainable ecologically friendly practices.

  • Barbadensis Gold

    Barbadensis Gold: an Australian owned company who are passionate about sharing the wonderful health benefits and soothing properties of their 100%, Organic Aloe Vera Inner Gel Juice.

  • Barbell Biltong

    Makers of the World’s Healthiest Meat Snacks – Barbell Biltong provide super healthy and convenient dried meat snacks that contain no preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy or added sugar to Fuel your Adventures!

  • Barnes Naturals

    Barnes Naturals have been sourcing the finest, active products nature has to offer for over 140 years, starting the Barnes Honey brand. With a deep understanding of nutrition, Barnes Naturals mission is to use the power of nature to maintain,…

  • Bass Body Care

    Bass Body Care range of luxurious exfoliating products to keep your skin soft and smooth. Pamper yourself from home with Bass!

  • Beet It

    A firm favorite of the sporting elite; no other brand delivers the nitrate boost you need to boost your sports performance. Beet It products bring you the pure power of Beetroot!

  • Beggi

    Naturally soothing and moisturising, preservative free nasal products to protect the whole family from dust and pollen in the atmosphere.

  • Belicious Foods

    Curry, Spice and Everything Nice! Belicious Foods offer a range of Gourmet Masala spice and Piri Piri sauces with authentic and genuine flavours by using the right blend of ingredients in their natural form.

  • Bell & Bone

    Health and Happiness go Paw in Paw with Bell and Bones range of purposeful, healthier food of the highest quality made especially for your dog!

  • Ben & Anna

    Natural Care products that are 100% natural – made based on the power of nature! No added nasties, 100% vegan and micro plastic free.

  • Better 4U

    The Creator of award-winning natural food products made with concern for food allergies and intolerances. Delicious flavours and innovative products the whole family can enjoy safely and joyfully!

  • Beyond

    Offering an incredible Hydration Sensation, Beyond, one of Australia’s first on the market, offers functional beverages that provide a healthy choice for you and your family!

  • Bio-Medicals

    Developed by a qualified and practicing naturopath, Bio-medicals offer a range of organic coconut oil and natural supplements to assist you in living a healthy and happy life.

  • Bioastin

    Australia’s number one brand of astaxanthin products! Bioastin products have the aim of utilizing the benefits of microalgae to improve health and extend lives around the world by providing protection to all of our cells.

  • Biologika

    Passionate about health and the world around them Biologika provide an environmentally responsible, Australian made,  all-over body care range designed for the whole family. Made with only natural and organic ingredients, they are a family staple.

  • BioSota Organics

    A rare, distinct and superior honey cultivated with love, expertise and science.  BioSota means  ‘natural endurance’ – what their honey provides you and your family.

  • Biotta Juices

    An organic Swiss Brand that provides top-quality juice from vegetables and fruits just as nature intended–fresh from the field into the bottle.

  • Biotuff

    Earth friendly compostable poop bags,garbage bags & nappy bags are manufactured from Bioplastic Cornstarch resins. They are not only good for the environment, but will make you feel good about the positive impact you are making.

  • Blendtec

    Blendtec offers the best blender in Australia, built to the highest standards making them the most advanced blenders you can buy. Make the smoothest of smoothies with Blendtec!

  • Blessed By Nature

    An Australian owned Brand that offers a natural, organic, ethically-sourced skincare range that nourishes the skin from within while caring for our environment. Using Australian botanicals and essential oils to create a beautiful, sensory experience the whole family can enjoy.

  • Blue Dinosaur

    Blue Dinosaur’s amazing range includes energy bars, snack bars and protein bars. They have created amazingly unique flavours and they promise never  to use chemicals, binders, flavours, preservatives, or anything artificial. Amazingly they make every bar by hand.  

  • Bodie'z

    Bodie’z are dedicated to creating revolutionary beverages with optimised benefits to help unlock your potential. With premium ingredients and using the latest technology they have created unique and tailored formulas that suit everyone’s individual needs.

  • Body Crystal

    The Body Crystal is the perfect alternative to anti-perspirants which block your body’s natural perspiration process by clogging your skin’s pores. An effective and safe way of stopping odor before it starts – Naturally!

  • Body Science

    Body Science is Australia’s leading supplement Brand bringing you premium supplements formulated for extraordinary on field and performance results.

  • Bon Ami

    Tough on Grime, Simple on Ingredients! Bon Ami is committed to offering nontoxic household cleaners that work without the use of harsh chemicals. Saying NO to chemical additives since 1886!

  • Bongiorno

    Bongiorno, Italy’s first craft vinegar drink, contains the health benefits of apple cider vinegar AND extra polyphenol antioxidants of the famous Modena balsamic vinegar combined with delicious Italian fruits.

  • Bonk Breaker

    Bonk Breaker provide great-tasting products that are on the cutting edge of sports and active lifestyle nutrition.

  • Bonsoy

    It takes whole food to nourish whole humans. From soy and almond milk to organic coconut milk and water, Bonsoy are the golden halo of health with their wholly good for you milk alternative products.

  • Bonvit

    Bonvit provides high quality, healthy products ranging from Psyllium products, Dandelion Beverages, Herbal Teas, Henna Hair Colours, Organic Soy Drinks, Guarana, and so much more! All Australian Made!

  • Boody Organic Bamboo Eco Wear

    Underwear, activewear & everyday essentials that are good for you and good for the planet. When it comes to comfort, it doesn’t get softer than Boody. Whether you’re after women’s and men’s apparel or undies and socks, look no further…

  • Botanika Blends

    Try all of the wizards vegan creations fresh from the cauldron! Completely natural, organic, loads of protein flavours to try. Crafted by Nature, Powered by Plants.

  • Bounce

    Snack smarter and be your best with Bounce protein balls, protein snacks and protein shakes. All have  a natural, balanced nutritional profile and premium ingredients, bought to you from a small Australian Coastal Town.

  • Bragg

    Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar began back in 1912. Patricia Bragg, and her father Paul has pioneered the ACV movement to what you find today. Paul’s vision over 100 years ago was to avoid the mass market processed foods and to…

  • Breath Pearls

    Change your morning ritual from a gargle to a swallow with Breath Pearls – the breath freshener you swallow. Fight bad breath with NO alcohol, NO sugar.

  • Broth & Co

    Nourish the whole family from the youngest to the oldest with quality, energising, natural Bone Broth and Nutrient Dense foods from Broth and Co. Proven to heal and fight disease!

  • BSKT

    BSKT Wholefoods are fuelling a food and health revolution with their brand of Vegan, Paleo products using the highest quality foods available. Committed to fellow health conscious citizens, who demand foods of superior nutritional integrity they believe in making both…

  • Bug-Grrr Off

    Bug-Grrr Off’s is an Australian business whose goal was to produce a natural, highly effective, great smelling insect repellent which is suitable and safe for the whole family. Bug-grrr Off Natural Insect Repellent has 6 hour protection against a large…

  • Bugsy's Treats

    Bugsy’s Pet Products embodies a holistic approach to animal health.  Encouraging your dog’s optimum health by aligning ethically sourced and sustainable natural ingredients with proven ancient indigenous medicinal herbs. Supporting your pet’s health today and happiness tomorrow.

  • Buontempo

    Buontempo: Giving tummies a Good Time!! Gluten free pasta your whole family will love to eat, from the famous pasta-producing region of Abruzzi, Italy. 

  • Busy Bees

     Busy Bees Gluten Free are an innovative bakery with a passion for producing gourmet gluten-free products. Had you ever imagined you would be able to eat gluten and nut-free cookies that actually tastes sensational and feels like your taste buds…

  • Byron Bay Chilli Co

    What began in the Byron Bay hinterland twenty five years ago is now a world famous range of chilli sauces, corn chips and salsas…brought to you by the Byron Bay Chilli Company. Byron Bay Chilli Company has grown into an international…

  • Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli

    Byron Bay Macadamia Muesli have been producing quality, additive free, 100% Macadamia Muesli and Granola in Byron Bay since 2001. They believe that a healthy and nutritious breakfast is the best way to start the day and so have produced…

  • Byron Chai

    Byron Chai have been making Chai tea since 1996 and have kept local Chai lovers and travellers delighted with their blends of Chai. Byron Chai is widely available in cafes and health food stores in the Byron Bay region and…

  • Byron Naturals

    Byron Naturals: Creating natural health products from powerful ingredients that work with your body’s own systems to heal, re-balance and restore. With Byron Naturals there is a better, natural way to care for your body.

  • Caboolture Real Food Snacks

    Promoting clean living and healthy eating, Caboolture Real Food Snacks have created these delicious, convenient wholefood snacks from 100% organic ingredients; so you can make conscious, healthy lifestyle choices any time of the day.

  • Candy Lush

    Candy Lush offer delicious, fruity vegetarian candies. They are a healthier option due to being Gelatine & Gluten Free with no artificial colours. Made using real fruit juices, Natural Colours and Flavours.

  • Canterbury Biltong

    Canterbury Biltong use only Quality Mark export-grade topside steak supplied to Canterbury Meat Packers by farmers who are required to complete an Animal Status Declaration with strict guidelines controlling the feeding, handling and general care of the pasture fed animals. Their…

  • Casalare

    Casalare is Australian owned and operated, located in the fertile Goulburn Valley in Victoria. Casalare is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of premium Organic and Gluten free pastas, baking mixes and a select variety of specialty flours. Casalare is the…

  • Cawston Press

    Cawston Press is made by people who have a love and understanding for creating delicious tasting drinks that you can feel good about drinking. Their journey of pressing fruit began over 30 years ago with the humble apple and has…

  • Celestial Seasonings

    Back in 1969, as the original herbal tea company, Celestial Seasonings started an entirely new way of thinking about tea. More than 45 years later, they are still true to their roots. Celestial Seasonings believe their delicious teas improve people’s lives…

  • Ceres Organics

    Ceres Organics believe in promoting sustainability of the earth and the people on it. They strive to make organic, biodynamic and GE-free food available to all. They source only quality products that are sustainably produced by organic or biodynamic methods,…

  • Chai Tea

    Chai Tea is a 31 year old, wholly Australian owned company. Located deep in the forest, on a community/land sharing co-operative, they are completely “off the grid”. For the last twenty years the Chai Shed has operated in the same…

  • Cheeki

    Replenish your thirst with Eco friendly, BPA Free, stainless steel water bottles from Australia’s most trusted brand for reusable products Cheeki. Cheeki was established in Sydney, Australia in 2009 and continues to be 100% Australian owned and designed. Quality is their…

  • Clean & Pure

    Moisturise lips and skin naturally with Clean & Pure. 100% Australian-made, Family owned, superior natural lip balms and skincare, made based on the Mediterranean vibe of pure and natural ingredients, chemical free. Created with only the best ingredients included.

  • Clipper Teas

    Clipper Teas are the world’s largest Fairtrade tea brand.  Every cup of tea you drink means they are able to keep doing good stuff to support people and the planet. That’s why all of their products are made with pure,…

  • Cobs

    It all began in 2004 when Cobs founders were looking for a healthy snack. Finding nothing on the market that satisfied, they started experimenting in their family kitchen and road-testing on their kids. After many late nights and burnt saucepans,…

  • Coco Soul

    Coco Soul’s products are considered the fluid of life, with the freshness of their hand picked coconuts being their secret ingredient. Coco Soul’s range of organic coconut derived products are low in calories, naturally fat and cholesterol free, have more…

  • Cocolife

    Cocolife produce pure plant-based health foods to help you cook with confidence and nourish your body from the inside out. It’s all about fighting inflammation, boosting your focus and immunity, and feeling fantastic!  Their products are natural, vegan, gluten free and…

  • CocoMojo

    Feel Marvellous with CocoMojo’s range of “better for you” drinks for improved Health and Wellbeing. Refreshingly different, healthy drinks to energise, revitalise and replenish your body, mind and mojo. Made from 100% young green coconuts.

  • Coconut Magic

    Coconut Magic is a Kingscliff NSW based company dedicated to bringing you the finest quality coconut products. They offer vibrant foods in that they carry the energy and healing vibration that Mother Nature intended. Coconut Magic’s coconut oil is premium…

  • Community Base Dispensary

    CBD has been shown to be a better anti-inflammatory than THC and Ibuprofen, it is also at least as effective as THC for treating pain and managing tumours.

  • Complete Natural Remedies

    A Queensland based brand committed to providing high quality, cutting edge products that are 100% pure with ethically sourced  ingredients. Devoted to helping you live your best life!

  • Comvita

    Comvita are passionate about helping people be well and connect with goodness of nature. They offer the purest natural health products from source to shelf. All Comvita Manuka Honey is traceable to its source – from the hive to the…

  • Cook Island Noni Juice

    Noni is emerging as one of the best and most diverse natural remedies currently available today. With Cook Island Noni Juice, having produced 100% Pure Noni Juice for the past fourteen years with certified organic, naturally sun ripened, hand picked…

  • Coombs Family Farms

    Maintaining the connection between farm and food, Coombs Family Farms have provided 100% pure, Organic Maple since the late 1800’s with the moto ‘do right by the forest, and it will do right by you’. The sustainable way to enjoy…

  • Counter Culture

    Eliminate toxic chemicals from your home with Counter Culture!  Australian made through scientific innovation, born from one mum’s dream to have a chemical free home, these probiotic cleaning products are completely safe, work great, and smell ten times better than…

  • Craving Cosmetics

    We all crave natural, beautiful things in life! With Craving Cosmetics you can be your natural beautiful self  with this gorgeous range of  ethical, responsible and organic cosmetic products free from synthetic and toxic components.

  • Crystal

    Since its founding 35 years ago, CRYSTAL has been providing an effective mineral-based line, that’s vegan, and cruelty-free. The ingredients are non-toxic and the packaging’s eco-friendly. CRYSTAL is committed to the safety, health, and welfare of both our customers and the environment.

  • Dandies

    Dandies Marshmallows are made with NO Artificial Flavours Or Colours, NO Corn Syrup, NO Gelatin, and NO Gluten. Our plant based marshmallows are Non-GMO Project Verified and kosher. Dandies Marshmallows are indistinguishable from conventional marshmallows. They are light and fluffy …

  • DEONAT Crystal

    Deonat Crystal have produced Natural Crystal Deodorant  products. They are made from 100% natural mineral salts. Their products are ideal for sensitive skin as they are non allergenic. Their deoderants are available as a roll on, spray, stick and powder.

  • Diego's

    The healthy life style that Diego’s owners Colin (the Aussie bloke) and Deann (the Californian girl) shared in a year of romance traveling is the foundation of Diego’s grassroots family business. They opened their first premises in a small factory…

  • Difatti

    Bring a slice of Italy home with Diffati!  Enjoy their range of fluffy, delicious, authentic  Gnocchi, that have been expertly crafted in the sun soaked southern regions of Italy.  All the traditional tastes and textures of this Italian delight – without…

  • Dosha Food Co

    A brand dedicated to the pleasure of eating; Dosha food co make food to feed and nourish your soul using only the best ingredients. Dosha Ghee is made in Beechworth, a picturesque gold mining town in Victoria’s High Country, using…

  • Double D

    Double D has been pioneering and manufacturing healthier sweets in Australia since 1920. They believe that sugar free products are not just a lifestyle choice but are essential for quality of life for people with diabetes or those seeking less…

  • Dr Bronner's

    Dr. Bronner’s was founded 1948 by Emanuel Bronner. They use only the purest organic and fair trade ingredients—most products are vegan and certified to the same organic standards as food! No synthetic preservatives, no foaming agents. Body, hair, face, mouth…

  • Dr McDougall's

    Dr McDougall’s has created tasty plant-based vegan soups, ramen, and meals to keep you nourished wherever you are. Enjoy their Organic, Gluten-Free, Oil-Free, and Lower-Sodium options for the perfect snack or meal.

  • Dr Organic

    Dr Organic takes care with each and every ingredient they use, all products are GM free and they do not use harsh chemicals, SLS, perfumes or other artificial fragrances. Dr Organic has different ranges for all your individual needs, including…

  • Dr Stuart's

    Enjoy the ‘pick of the crop’ with Dr Stuarts Teas! Created by a leading ethnobotanist with more than 30 years experience studying herbs and plants and how they can benefit each individual.  Crafted with Active Botanicals so that you can…

  • Dr Superfoods

    Dr Superfoods aim to keep introducing new and exciting superfoods to the Australian market, which are all 100% natural, preservative-free and/or organic at very competitive prices.

  • Earths Purities

    Earth’s Purity was created as the founders wanted to offer you all clean and pure healing supplements to help you reach the best version of you. Detoxification and cleansing is their passion and together we hope to be a small…

  • EasiYo Yogurt

    EasiYo was born in 1992 by an inventive Kiwi dad who wanted to make it easy for families to enjoy the goodness of homemade yogurt. They created the EasiYo yoghurt maker with  jars and a variety of yoghurt flavours so…

  • East Bali Cashews

    East Bali Cashews  believe “you are what you eat”. That’s why whenever possible they source their ingredients fresh from the local trees and gardens of Karangasem. Organic ginger, chili peppers, coconuts, rosella and plenty more are deliciously combined with the…

  • Easy pH

    Easy pH have created pH test kits so you can easily check your urine or saliva pH to test your body’s acid-alkaline balance on a daily basis. An imbalanced body pH can be at the root of many common symptoms…

  • Eat Rite

    Improve your life by eating cleaner and freeing up time for the things that really matter with Eat Rite Foods! Providing a huge assortment of high-quality food snacks with huge nutritional and health benefits across the range.

  • Eclipse Organics

    Eclipse Organics are an Australian Brand started by two friends with a passion for healthy and nutritious breakfasts with outstanding taste. Their range of delicious muesli are made without compromise and loaded with quality organic ingredients. With Gluten Free and…

  • Eco Lips

    Eco lips are the original organic lip balm company. They are Fair Trade Certified and their products are not tested on animals.  Eco lips only source raw materials that have not been genetically modified and their flavours are amazing!!!

  • Eco Minerals

    Eco minerals cosmetics is one of the worlds favourite pure, eco and Vegan beauty brands. Since 2007 they have been creating pure mineral cosmetics from the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Eco minerals products are 100% pure and…

  • Ecobud

    Ecobud is dedicated to making the world a cleaner and healthier place. When it comes to water filtration systems, Ecobud are committed to leading the market with innovative, natural and considered design solutions. Delivering great tasting Life Water and cleansing…

  • Ecococonut

    EcoCoconut was created to give people the opportunity to choose biodegradable and sustainable coconut based products over plastic. They have designed products to meet style with sustainability and with all the functionalities to deliver a superior clean in your home.

  • Ecoegg

    Founded in 2008, Ecoegg has built its success on providing innovative and effective, laundry and cleaning products to both the UK market and worldwide. Their hero product is the Ecoegg Laundry egg which is a complete replacement for laundry detergent…

  • Ecoleaf

    The Ecoleaf brand offers a range of low-environmental-impact home products derived from plant extracts and based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients, rather than the chemicals found in many household brands. With toilet and kitchen paper made from 100% recycled fibre,…

  • Ecologic

    The Ecologic cleaning range is formulated from renewable natural plant based ingredients and is a completely non toxic, effective, gentle and affordable alternative to commercial brand cleaning products. Made from a fusion of organic herbs, plant extracts and pure essential…

  • Ecomil

    Ecomil is the leading brand in Europe in the organic almond milk category and is exporting its products to over 50 countries worldwide. All of their products are certified organic, dairy-free, lactose-free, and without animal ingredients.

  • EcoSouLife

    EcoSouLife aim to provide people with an environmentally friendly alternative to single use plastic products, through this they hope to reduce (and eventually eliminate) the consumption globally of this material. Their environmentally friendly, sustainable range now includes plates, cutlery, utensils,…

  • Ecostore

    Ecostore have created highly effective products for people and their home, removing harmful or unnecessary chemicals. The ecostore ethos has always been to put people’s health first and give them the choice to live clean. Today they continue to proudly…

  • Ecover

    Ecover’s mission is to make cleaning even cleaner. They are collaborating to create products that will make a real difference and change attitudes for the better. Their household products are becoming increasingly popular because they use ingredients that are biodegradable…

  • Eden Healthfoods

    Eden Healthfoods is a genuine health company creating genuine products, with your health as their focus. They pride themselves on creating premium wholefood nutritional supplements. All of their products are made to be the strongest, purest and most effective, using…

  • Egyptian Red

    Egyptian Red is a premium grade Hibiscus Sabdariffa. Egyptian Red Infusion is 100% Organic – no pesticides, herbicides, artificial or chemical fertilizers have been used in the cultivation of the plant in its origin (Egypt) and it is packaged to…

  • Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea

    Female Founded, Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea was created and founded from a desire to create an enjoyable way to boost your nutrient intake everyday. When Life gets hectic a cup or two of Eloments daily gives you the peace of…

  • Em Wholefoods

    EM Wholefoods was created by two brothers to encompass the variety of wholesome ingredients, blends and ready-to-mix products. Proudly sourcing organic, wildcrafted and nutritious superfoods from around the world, the duo have expanded into hemp products including a delicious Hemp…

  • Ener-C

    Ener-C products are made with quality ingredients, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. They have created Ener-C  – an effervescent oral powder in convenient dose sachets. Get all the benefits of a multivitamin and a high dose vitamin…

  • Enviro Care

    Enviro Care have been creating environmentally responsible products since 1994. Removing ingredients that have been found to either cause environmental or personal harm has always been a priority, they were one of the first brands in Australia to remove palm…

  • Epic

    Epic Dental are  a small, privately-held company,  founded in 2003. They have created mints, chewing gum and toothpaste / mouthwash which are sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener that destroys your mouths icky villains. Epic mints disrupt tooth-eating acid attacks as…

  • Epzen

    EpZen is Australian made and owned, they create products to help you focus on your wellbeing. By making time for self, calming your body and mind, you re-energise, re-focus and prepare yourself to embrace life’s opportunities.  Their products are cruelty…

  • Eskal Foods

    Eskal Foods have created a leading range of quality gourmet and free from foods! For gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan, organic, vegetarian, halal, kosher food products look no further.

  • Essential Hemp

    Hemp Foods Australia is one of the largest Hemp Food Wholesaler, Retailer, Manufacturer and Exporter in the Southern Hemisphere. They employ purely mechanical, low-temperature processes, resulting in the most nutritious products possible. Their mission is to bring healthy hemp products…

  • Essential Oxygen

    There is no better way to start the day than with a fresh and healthy smile! Essential Oxygen products whiten teeth, freshen breath, kill bad breath germs and give you the confidence to brighten the world with a beautiful smile. All Essential…

  • Essenzza

    Essenzza products are a result of our quality no nonsense approach to better living. We pride ourselves on setting the bar for industry standards in professionalism and quality. We have developed our range of wellness products after extensive research and…

  • Ethical Zinc

    Ethical Zinc make certified natural zinc oxide sunscreens. Made in Australia using 100% solar power. Certified cruelty free and reef safe. Suitable for sensitive skin with no chemical UV filters.

  • Ethique

     In 2012, the first Ethique solid shampoo bar, Mintasy, was made as an alternative to the 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles thrown out globally every year. Ethique’s ingredientsare: cruelty free and vegan, palm oil free, ethically and fairly…

  • Eucoclean

    Developed in Australia around 12 years ago by a cleaning business operator on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, Eucocloean was developed from the desire to preserve the natural environment and create chemical free homes and workspaces. A range of …

  • Ever Eco

    Ever Eco looked closely at the products we use everyday and set about finding sustainable alternatives. Their flagship product, Stainless Steel Drinking Straws were the first of their kind on the Australian market and continue to be one of their…

  • Every Bit Organic Raw

    In 2012, Every Bit Organic established itself as a producer of organic cosmetic and food oils. Instead of taking the usual mass-produced path of oil production, Every Bit Organic made their mark by ensuring the entire range is Australian Certified…

  • Everymite

    Everymite was created by a family when they discovered their son could no longer eat vegemite (which he loved) due to his food intolerances. There were no alternatives to Vegemite that their son could safely eat and so over the…

  • Evodia

    Evodia Australia is inspired by the optimism and simplicity of the Australian way-of-life. Their products invite you to experience the beauty of Australia within your home and every day. Evodia are Australian made and owned, using some of the highest…

  • Evolution Botanicals

    The Brand of intelligent self care; Ultra-Premium Adaptogens, Medicinal Mushrooms & Tonics Herbs for Balancing Mind, Body & Soul. Evolution Botanicals combine the wisdom of herbology with science and plant medicine to create a wonderful collection of deeply nutritious products…

  • Excalibur Dehydrators

    Dry fruits and vegetables, dehydrate meat for jerky, dry fruit puree into a rollup, the options are tasty and endless with Excalibur; the world leaders in food dehydration, offering high quality household and commercial dehydrators packed with features since 1973.

  • Extraordinary Foods

    Extraordinary Foods are based in vibrant Byron Bay. Their products are made with natural, unprocessed, Australian grown ingredients. Created to connect you back to the earth, and to the health of your ancestors. Their Pimp My Salad vegan and gluten…

  • Freshpaper

    FreshPaper have created a product with the aim to help customers reduce waste, save money and maintain the life of your produce. They started out by taking handmade batches of FreshPaper to their local farmer’s market. They had no funding…

  • Gevity Rx

    Gevity RX’s mission is to provide life-changing health products that you know do what they say. longevity is their guiding principle. They want you to take control of your health, knowing that every ingredient is chosen to help you feel…

  • Goli Nutrition

    Get all the age-old traditional benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, packed in a great tasting gummy. Each and every gummy is packed with vitamins and includes some of our favorite super foods and flavours. Make a Goli Gummy part of…

  • Loving Earth

    Loving Earth are an ethically driven company that believes food is sacred. They make healthy indulgence in a way that is good for the planet. Loving Earth Chocolate uses Raw Cacao grown by the Ashaninka community of the Peruvian Amazon,…

  • Megaburn

    Whether you’re a shredder or a yogi, a professional athlete or into calisthenics, or you’re just looking to eat cleanly, Megaburn have products that taste great and are great for you. Our products are created with an understanding of how the human body works and…

  • Melindas Gluten Free Goodies

    AS A FOOD LOVER AND COELIAC (of over 26 years!), Melinda is uncompromising when it comes to the high quality, clean ingredients and taste of her products and most importantly the safety of her loyal customers. Melinda’s Gluten Free Goodies…

  • MG Body

    MgBody Magnesium was launched in 2013 by Tracey and Michael Sykes. Excited about the rapid results of transdermal magnesium we wanted to share this remarkable product with our beloved community. Tracey is an Owner of MgBody Magnesium. She is a Doctor…

  • Natures Goodness

    Nature’s Goodness Australia, located in the Sydney region, is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of health and beauty products. They have over 25 years experience using natural ingredients to improve your health, beauty, and wellbeing. They take pride in…

  • Protein Supplies Australia

    Protein Supplies Australia is a small Australian company that was born and bred out of a desire to bring better, healthier and more sustainable products to the world. We hope we can encourage consumers to be informed, educated and excited…

  • Raw Essentials Tea

    Discover a new sense of wellbeing and feel good everyday with Raw Essentials Tea Blends. Raw Essentials Tea have a luxurious range of blends available. All of their teas are natural, vegan, cruelty free and GM free. Each blend is…

  • Saba Organics

    Saba Organics is one of the world’s only 100% certified organic range. Delivering health and happiness to the world from the base of the Macedon Ranges, Melbourne, Australia. Saba Organics was founded by the Saba family and a professional team…

  • That Hippie Co.

    That Hippie Co are committed to producing some of the highest-quality vegan collagen-boosting supplements in Australia. They advise that their formula is derived from natural whole foods,  totally vegan and they’re working towards being 100% organic and GMO-free.

  • The Gluten Free Food Co.

    Founded by a professional chef with Coeliac disease, The Gluten Free Food Co. is passionate about creating easy-to-use, minimally processed, gluten-free, organic, wholefood mixes including cakes, protein patties, pizza bases, bread mixes, and wraps. Focusing on the most innovative, nutrient-dense…

  • Urban Greens

    UrbanGreens is about gifting something that is purposeful, sustainable and gratifying. Gifts that make a difference to our planet. All Australian owned and made.