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Created on the beautifully Sunny Shores of Noosa in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Saya is a Purely plant based range of Skincare that uses unique and advanced formulas, harnessing the power of organic Australian Native Botanicals to attain results commonly thought only achievable with synthetic ingredients. Inspired by the powers of the¬†Australian botanicals Saya use a wide range of natives from wild-harvested Crown of Gold Tree, Illawarra Flame Tree, Kakadu Plum, Desert Rose, Desert Lime, Quandong and Blue Jacaranda. All of these provide potent nutrients¬†rich in antioxidants and bio-actives such a glycosides, ferulic and galic acids, polyphenol flavonoids, rutin, alpha hydroxyl acids and Vitamins A, E, B, K, C and D.