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Gold Mine

Out of a dream for “right livelihood” and a desire to spread the word about the healing powers of good food, Gold Mine was started in 1985 on a $300 loan. It began as a small family business in a gold mining town in the mountains, but they quickly outgrew our cabin and moved the business to San Diego. By distributing traditional macrobiotic foods and hard-to-find organic, heirloom quality grains, beans, and seeds, they developed a network of friends and local businesses that were eager to obtain these high quality products. Gold mine make sure you get the good food you need to get and stay healthy. They are committed to providing you with exceptional products and service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

They never have and never will knowingly make foods that contain or are derived from genetically engineered ingredients (GMO’s or GEO’s), irradiated foods, or foods that contain pesticides, chemical additives, colorings, preservatives, artificial ingredients, trans-fats, refined oils, flours or sweeteners.