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Dr Superfoods

Dr Superfoods products are the result of David Bruckner’s search across the world for natural fruits rich in antioxidants which are essential for good health and vitality. Dried fruits will often contain higher levels of antioxidants and nutrients then what is found in the highly processed fruit powders, juices and extracts available today.

In recent studies it is concluded that this combination of super fruits are some of the richest sources of antioxidants on earth. Love Your Health recommends that you use Dr Superfoods products as a nutritious snack every day to boost your dietary intake of antioxidants and really feel the difference.

From the original founders of Naturally Goji, Dr Superfoods was formed when David Bruckner’s company began to extend their range of healthy dried Superfoods. A long term advocate of the saying “let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine”, David’s search for the finest, and healthiest, in dried Superfoods has led to Dr Superfoods now being one of the most popular brands in the Superfood Category.