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What about Cold Press Juicers? Welcome to Australia’s #1 Store for all things natural health

“What is the best juicer?” This is a question we are asked on a daily basis. “You have so many I am confused” is another question regularly asked. You may have heard juicers being called Slow Juicers, Cold Pressed Juicers or  even Masticating Juicers. Each of these terms are easily explained and we are here to help you with any questions you may have.  The team at Love Your Health have a combined experience of close to 20 years in working with Cold Pressed Juicers and as a team consume juice regularly with each of our machines so we can give you up to date, knowledgeable advice on which machine may suit your needs best.


Benefits you receive when using a Cold Press Juicer

If you follow any health experts including Naturopaths, Nutritionists or Health Coaches, many will recommend a diet that includes the consumption of raw food. It is widely known that the heating of food which was once raw may lead to the reduction of nutrients that are available for your body to absorb.

One way of improving your nutrient intake is to increase the amount of cold pressed juice you consume from natural fruits and vegetables which are easily absorbed by your Villi (small intestine) and due to the pulp being removed from the juice also means your body doesn’t have to break down the produce as it normally does meaning it also uses less energy.

Another benefit of juicing is the mixing of taste, some raw foods come with a strong taste that can become more palatable when mixed in a juice.

If you are wondering why we suggest considering a Cold Pressed Juicer over the more traditional Centrifugal (fast spinning ones) then here are some of differences between the 2 types of juicer:


  • Cold Pressed Juicers can provide offer over 30% more yield.
  • Your Juice may remain alive for longer due to less oxidation.
  • Compared to a traditional juicer or blender a Cold Pressed Juicer is whisper quiet.
  • The machines we offer come with fantastic warranties.
  • Cold Pressed Juicers are easy to put together and take around 45 seconds to clean.
  • Your juice won’t have a heap of foam sitting on top of it.
  • Many will juice leafy greens with ease,
  • For those juicing Celery regularly Cold Pressed Juicing is by far the best.
  • Some models come with extra attachments that allow you to process nuts into butter and make other fabulous recipes.

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