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What is a Food Dehydrator?

The method of food Dehydrating allows many types of foods to be preserved for indefinite periods having removed the moisture from the original produce. This inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria that would normally break down the food. Food Dehydration is perhaps one of the oldest methods of preserving your food and is something that has practised for thousands of years, dating back to prehistoric people who would sun-dry seeds. More recently it was used by North American Indians to preserve meat after a hunt who would sun-dry slices whilst in China they used to dry eggs whilst neighbouring Japan would Sun-dry fist and rice.

Thankfully nowadays we no longer need to place our food outside to face the elements, instead we can use a Food Dehydrator to do a quicker more efficient job of drying a variety of produce.


What are the benefits of using a Food Dehydrator?

Other than the preservation side that we have already mentioned, here are some of our best reasons to consider a Food Dehydrator.

1: You will be able to buy in Bulk without the fear of loss.

Like savings? Yes we do too, now you can buy those fruits and veggies in bulk and dehydrate them eating when it suits you, not just before they go bad.

2: You can save Time, Money and Energy

Reduce your time and money spent in a Supermarket. Get used to buying in Bulk and creating your snacks well in advance. Build this habit and you will spend less time in the stores.

3: Save Space in your Cupboards

Dried foods shrink in size, this means you do not need a huge space to store them.

4: Eat less but still feel energised

When you dehydrate fruits it concentrates fruit sugars. This means that you can consumer just a couple of dried fruits and still gain the same amount of energy as when you eat them fresh. This is particularly good for those who go camping or hiking.

5: You will produce less waste

Thanks to the fact your dehydrated food will not spoil you will throw less away. If you have something which is on the turn then fear not, slice it up and throw it into the food dehydrator and consume at your leisure.




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