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Part of our mission at Love Your Health Australia is to give sufferers of Autoimmune disease a place they can visit and get support. Since our daughter Alyssia was diagnosed with Coeliac disease aged just 3 years old we have made it our focus to help her either manage or avoid all the pitfalls that come with this condition. Whilst doing this we have found an amazing community of people, all like us looking for answers to various Autoimmune diseases. This is why we are using platform to share our lessons and hopefully help anyone in a similar situation.

Who is Sarah Kneebone?


Sarah Kneebone – Hashimoto’s Warrior and Certified Health Coach with a special interest in autoimmunity. Passionate about helping women struggling with chronic illness who feel disheartened and lost to unleash the vibrant, thriving woman they’re meant to be. Since evolving from surviving to thriving in her own health journey, Sarah focuses on healing from the inside out by working holistically: mind, body, and soul. She goes “further than food” by focusing not only on dietary changes but also lifestyle and mindset.



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Are you suffering with an Autoimmune disease and lack support?

Sarah offers specialist one on one coaching where she will guide you through the daily practises she follows in order to manage her own Autoimmune disease.

If you would like to reach out to Sarah you can by emailing her on [email protected]… or if you would like to be redirected to Sarah’s booking page and organise some time with her click the link below.


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