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Emma Ceolin Yoga Teacher

Emma Ceolin is a Wellness Blogger and Yoga Teacher (RYT500 and ERYT200) with experience teaching in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. Emma started yoga to combat depression and everything changed from there on out. She found yoga had this innate capability to instil balance, cultivate joy and provide you with the tools necessary for the evolution of your soul. She’s been practicing yoga every day since and found that her greatest passion is now sharing these physical, mental and emotional benefits with others. For Emma yoga is so much more than Asana (poses). It’s a holistic approach on and off the mat. A workout of the mind, body, heart and soul. It’s nourishing your mind with happy thoughts, nurturing your body with plant-bated foods, chasing life with an open heart and evolving your soul with whatever it is that sets it ablaze.

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Always Aim True

The essential lesson I’ve learned in life is that perfect doesn’t matter. Being accepted by others doesn’t matter. What matters is being yourself. Accepting yourself. Loving yourself....