About Us

About Us

Hello & Welcome to Love Your Health,

Basically, our story is simple and probably much like yours. We are a young family with two small children committed to the business of health and nutrition.

A happy, healthy family is sure to be as high on your agenda as it is on ours, so we created Love Your Health just for you.

We know you’re busy, we know you work hard and we know how difficult it is to find natural, organic products that can help to improve and regulate the overall health of your family so we are putting everything together in a one-stop-shop.

Like many families we’ve had various health challenges including childhood eczema and psoriasis which we felt might be due to the type of sun-screen and bath lotions we were using on their delicate skin. The steroid creams our GP prescribed offered only temporary relief, so we moved to the natural sunscreen brand called Eco Logical and treated the skin affected areas with Coconut and Hemp Oil, guess what? It worked.

During pregnancy Co-Founder Michelle was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Being thin and healthy in appearance, this came as a huge shock to us as we had always associated this medical issue with an unhealthy lifestyle. During the pregnancy she had to check her blood sugar levels before and after meals to ensure our baby was not swimming in glucose which would lead to significant weight gain.

We researched the subject of what actually goes into our foods and became obsessed about the sugar levels in our everyday meals and the unrecognised components that have no business being in our food. It’s fair to say that we are all passionate about what goes into our mouths and what goes on our skin, teeth, nails and hair.

Like many of you, we’ve faced various health issues over the years. Our experiences have convinced us that correct nutrition is the key to maintaining a happy, healthy family.

Along the Love Your Health path of knowledge you’ll find a wealth of resources
You’ll discover well researched articles & tips on maintaining optimum health
Our aim is to be Australia’s largest online health retailer
Our products are quite simply THE BEST and will aid you on your journey to better health
Busy Mums & Dads? You’ll Love Us and so will your kids
Grannies and Grandpas? Good health is for you too

Health is Wealth,

Michelle, Aidan Alyssia and Freya xx